Pet friendly Poiana Brașov

Responsible pet-friendly

As you already know, pets* are welcome at Monterai Resort, as long as they do not affect** the indoor and outdoor spaces and the safety or comfort of other guests, be they two-legged or four-legged.

In order for your stay to be uneventful, please follow the rules below:

– Please ensure that your pet is not left alone in the room and does not damage the finishes, furniture or facilities.

– In the common spaces of the buildings, inside the reception and the restaurant, on the terrace of the restaurant, as well as in the courtyard of the complex, dogs must be kept on a leash by a responsible adult, and those of breeds considered dangerous must also wear a muzzle, according to the legislation in force.

– During very busy times, it is possible to temporarily limit the access of dogs to the restaurant – please take into account the clarifications of our staff in this regard.

– In the spa pavilion and in the conference room, access with dogs is strictly prohibited.

If you need water or food bowls, poop bags, extra bed protection, or anything else that helps you take care of your pet, please ask at reception.

In emergency situations, you can also get in touch with a veterinarian at the reception.

We advise you to keep in mind that you are in the middle of nature, where it is not impossible for wild animals to appear. For the protection of your pet, please do not leave it unattended outdoors. The two dogs in the complex are sometimes let loose precisely because they warn us of unwanted presences. Towards the forest, there is no fence, only the electric anti-bear fence. Also, in front of the complex is a busy road.

We also remind you that for the stay with the pet, the cleaning fee mentioned at the reservation/accommodation must be paid.

We wish you a pleasant and safe stay and we look forward to seeing you again with your four-legged friends!

*By pets, we only mean cats and dogs, regardless of size. For other small pets (mammals, birds), access is only allowed under certain conditions, so please check with the reception before making the reservation. Access with reptiles, amphibians, arachnids or insects, as well as any other pets except those already mentioned, is strictly prohibited.

** Aggressive behavior towards people or other pets is not allowed. Repeated noises (barking, howling, etc.) are not allowed. For any situation where your pet disrupts the stay of other guests, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the complex.

Important: Please note that you will be required to cover any damage caused by your pet.