Christening Poiana Brasov

The first festive event in the child's life

Christening parties are organized both in the main restaurant and in the function room. Those who wish to have a more intimate setting (parents, godparents, and grandparents) can rent one of the two villas with a generous living room—Vila Classic or Vila Young. We provide the appropriate menu, bar, service, and decor.

Additionally, we offer a spacious apartment for the mother and child, as well as those who assist (nannies, grandparents). Located in the immediate vicinity of the restaurant, it allows the baby to sleep, be fed, or be changed in peace and comfort after the christening.

Christening Poiana Brasov


Specific decorations, generous parking, accommodation for guests, private spaces, open bar, buffet, qualified staff, space dedicated to children.

On request, we can even install in the hall a corner dedicated specifically to the child, more discreetly, with a changing table, cot and armchair.

You will benefit from all our experience to organize the perfect event!