Monterai Resort gives you the ideal environment for relaxation& mindfulness, in the middle of nature.

 The pine forest around the resort invites you, so we suggest  more than one way to acces your wellbeing:

outdoor walking or running, in the fresh mountain air,

relaxing massage in our lounge area,

bikes, ski & snowboard rent,

keeping in shape in our fitness room,

outdoor activities with ATVs/snowmobiles,

pampering in our sauna.

Whatever your choice, during your stay, don`t forget to announce at the Reception,

for  payed massage/sauna programming, and also to access the other services and activate your discounts.

Access to the playground for children, the fitness&lounge areas is free for all the guests of our resort.


We look forward to your wellbeing!

Reception 0040268 262335

The dry sauna gives you the opportunity to eliminate stress, energize your body and increase your immunity.

We recommend the use of the sauna after your physical training in our fitness room or outdoors, significantly reducing the risk of developing muscle fever.

The benefits of the wet sauna are undeniable, which is why we invite you to take advantage of our sauna during your stay at Monterai.

The capacity of the sauna is of maximum 4 persons.

Before using, please notify the Reception, for the necessary preparations, and we recommend that you read the instructions displayed at the entrance to the sauna.

Access to the sauna is payed, unless it is part of the special packages offered by the hotel.

The massage is an important source of relaxation and a method of treatment at the same time. Now you have easy access to all these, by simply scheduling it at our Hotel Reception. 

Whether relaxing, therapeutic, for maintenance, anti-cellulite, to stimulate reflexes or to lose weight, massage is one of the great joys of life.

Did you know that a 60-minute massage session has almost the same effects on the body as a 7-8 hours sleep?

The massage at Monterai is performed in a special atmosphere, so that you can enjoy all its effects. The lounge area is at your disposal, before and after the massage.

The sessions are payed, and in order to make the necessary preparations you need to schedule the massage session, usually the day before.


The lounge area is freely accessible to all our guests. With the thought of your wellbeing in our minds, we created this space to give you moments of relaxation, with visual access to the forest near the resort.

A mini Zen garden welcomes you from the entrance, the whisper of flowing water and the lit candles introducing you to the relaxing atmosphere.

The area is intended exclusively for relaxation, which can be used before or after the sauna, massage, after sports activities, or in the company of a good book, at any time of the day.

Although this space is accessible to all our guests, it has features that provide you with a degree of intimacy.

To enjoy all the benefits of the lounge area, we recommend you to announce the Reception in advance.


The fitness area offers Monterai guests the opportunity to exercise, whether part of the daily program or occasional.

For amateurs, we also provide a table tennis table, to the delight of the lovers of this sport.

The hall has generous dimensions, the glazed surface offering access to the green area near the resort.

The fitness area is equipped with a changing room and shower, for the best performance of your activities.

Access to fitness area is free for all hotel guests, but we recommend announcing the Reception in advance so you can  enjoy all the benefits of this space.


The outdoor playground  has become, over time, an attraction for families with children who choose to stay at Monterai, offering access to various games and activities.

The playground is located in the center of the resort, being easily accessed from Villa 1, but is accessible free of charge to all our guests.

The inner courtyard of the resort is very generous and offers enough space for various sports (badminton, hopscotch, table tennis) and activities (contests, concerts, exhibitions, etc.).

The camp fire is another attraction for guests of all ages, always gathering a lot of  joy around it and bringing an extra sparkle and magnetism to the evenings spent at Monterai. The campfire is payed, except when it is included in special offers.